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Your government knows a lot about you, what do you know about the people who run your government? Official Intelligence's focus is enabling businesses and advocacy groups to have actionable intelligence on decision makers that help them predict the regulatory future and understand how to best influence the decision making and policy process. I have validated the problem among early…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Quick n simple metrics/ analytics to show how many people doing/did, what you are doing/ did/ or planned to do. Metrics rolled up from local to city to state to country. Input feeds via social media or direct login. That would be just phase 1. Depending on response then enhance the scope.
Looking for: Developer
“Swiping" apps (e.g. Tinder) are great because they remove the biggest hurdle that people have to finding love: The fear of rejection. That being said, such apps that are currently available, lack many options for filtering potential matches beyond age, gender, and distance from the user. On one hand, the lack of the ability to filter makes sense, as the prevailing…