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We obtain footage of sidewalks around the city, along with the location of each piece of footage that we find, and when the footage was taken. We could get this from buying CCTV footage from business owners, or stationing cameras at various places in the city. Finally, we can take footage from on top of apartment complexes, or from low…
We are developing a robot that will automate a common¬†industrial task. We are the first company to do anything like this. We have developed a prototype. Reached out to investors. YCombinator has shown an interest in our robot, but wants us to build a bigger team. We still have a lot of prototyping work to do. We use everything…
Looking for: Developer
The idea is a simple camera thet replacing The traditional scanner by using image recognition of an object instead of QR code. No need for barcods printing And various hardware maintenance
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Stimp adds relevant information "inside" every picture. Using nothing but the image, we automatically identify products on publisher websites and enrich the image by unintrusively adding extra product infos and links to the best offers on the web.