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Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Try out all of the latest Android devices, laptops, iPads on either a subscription or one time basis.  Upload your personal data to an agnostic iCloud type service and then download it to the device you are checking out.This lets you try out the latest gadgets with your phone numbers, apps, games, pictures, etc.Try it out for a couple of…
Looking for: Designer, Marketer, Product manager
An iOS puzzle game in which the player must transfer energies between areas/objects to solve each level and advance. It could be "pure puzzle" or have some educational aspect, too.
Looking for: Designer, Marketer, Product manager
Players exchange free-associations at their own pace through iPhone / iPad, either to celebrate their history & memories or to get to know each other.
Restaurant workflow and automation; practical yet innovative implementation, please visit website for better coverage. The system is 90% functional. Final touches and best site testing should prepare it for prime time launching.
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
Well similar!I have come up with an idea for an IOS game. The idea is still new but keeps developing.It is based on games such as; Mario Kart, Temple Run, Subway Surf etcThe game idea is simple but as the above titles shows, it will be similar to the concept of Mario Kart.I personally think that the game would be…
Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Engineer
The visionEXTEND THE REACH OF WORLD CLASS SPORTSPEOPLE & COACHES TO ANYONE, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD AND EMPOWER SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS WITH PEER-TO-PEER COACHING TOOLS.Word Class Content. Mobile. Social. Gamified. UGC. Funded.Get in touch only if you want to be part of a highly skilled and motivated team that will transform sports coaching on a global scale, have serious amounts of…
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Compression technology for Big Data. SaaS, PaaS, cloud compute managed service, mobile App, client and server deployment / usage scenarios.
Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer
Mobile Apps for contractorsto hugely increase productivity and change this traditional industryfeatures include automatising processes thanks to apps.# team management app# Material management app# cloud document /plans management appbuild prototypes and test them on several building sites before launching. 
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
Zynga was built on the success of Zynga Poker. There are usually at least three poker games in the list of top 20 grossing apps. And yet none of these games offers a compelling gameplay experience - just ask anyone who has played plenty of poker (online or live). I have a few ideas that would set a new game…
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Research shows that children often feel stressed when reading to adults, afraid that making mistakes will be seen as failure. Reading alone improves performance by 30%, but when the child experiences difficulties there is no one to give feedback. Tiny Ears is a captivating animated storybook for iPads that helps young children from 4-7 years old, learn to read. It uses…