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Looking for: Engineer
Let's build a geo based-notification system for nearby cool apartments for rent. Tinder revolutionised dating by getting people to match by simple swipes. Happn drew serendipity into it by matching with people you crossed paths with. I would like to do the same for apartment hunting. People walk and ride up and down to their work every day, sometimes via…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Engineer, Other
Rents in the Silicon Valley (and other startup Mekkas like New York, London, Stockholm, etc.) are skyrocketing. Bootstrapping founders have better things to invest their money in than spending everything on tremendously high rents. Nevertheless, the vibrant startup ecosystem in the Bay Area pulls a great number of entrepreneurs and techies from the entire world into the area.Imagine if we…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer
The idea is to create a app for users who are the buyers and sellers. It can be done based on your location or area.
Looking for: Product manager
Flair and Keys (www.flairandkeys.com) is looking for a co-founders with skills and experience in real estate and interior design to strenghten our team. Flair and Keys is a French startup based in Paris (France) that helps non-residents to customize and purchase their property in France at the best price. This web platform facilitates connections with interior designers and provides negotiation…
Looking for: Marketer, Other
I'm interested in creating and administrating a Youth/Bagpackers Hostel. Willing to invest equally with partners and others interested. Location: Flexible depending on property prices/rental price, citizenship status of partner, etc.  Preferably: San Francisco