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Looking for: Developer
The idea and business model have been validated- by both consumers and barbers/hairdressers. The app will allow people to order an immediate haircut or schedule in advance from a highly skilled professional in their area. Our¬†business model allows barbers/hairstylists to earn more money than they would in a typical setting, partially because of traditional barbershop overhead costs that are…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer
I've been in the beauty industry for years and have found it tchallenging to build a book of business and actually get my portfolio out to a wider consumer base. I'm trying to connect  the dots. I have a really great idea but need help with the rest. 
Looking for: Engineer, Marketer, Sales person
- African American women have been facing a challenging concept of hair for years. Now there is a huge movement of women going "natural".  - Even when AA women grow their natural hair they still face big issues with styling.  Most do the "big chop" and get tired of the slow growth,  and the predictable styles, thus turn to hair…