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Looking for: Developer, Engineer
MOBILE MONEY TRANSFER APP, using bitcoin as a payment rail. We are targeting the $500bn remittance market but with added features, speed and cost savings.Ideally i am looking for a self employed developer who can work on this project in part time, in return of equity plus some payment.¬†Western union processes over 15% of $500bn remittances sent globally each…
Looking for: Advisor, Developer
Imagine that you are in an unsafe circumstance and you need an out, but you don't even know what your options are. This app will put them at your fingertips - it aggregates various resources and uses geolocation to display the appropriate ones.Full business idea developed, please contact me for more info, and thanks for looking!
Looking for: Designer, Developer
What's going on right now anywhere in the world? Once this idea is a reality you'll know!Developer required. With instagram development experience preferred.Get on board!
Looking for: Developer
Imagine a world where meeting someone was not just for a "hook-up," like Tinder. Imagine a world where Facebook and Twitter were not cliquey and were not separating users from the possibility of meeting others. While you imagine this world, you more than likely still do not have the solution to making the first actual Social Media app/experience.I have come…
Looking for: Developer
a location-based mobile social discovery app that helps to meet new people for a quick chat by browsing who's around and available nearby
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
Become the Uber of Weed for medical marijuana delivery in San Francisco. The market is a growing industry with a lot of opportunity. Right now, there are delivery services in the city but no one allows the kind of flexibility and ease of use that a mobile app could. My goal is to change the way medical marijuana is delivered. The…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Sailo is Blablacar meets Tinder - for Backpackers. It's an innovative mobile app, helping solo travellers to save money by connecting with other backpackers and sharing whatever is there to share - cab to the airport, room (once you get to know each other a bit more), boat, a horse (ok, maybe we went too far with that) car etc.…
Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
Geolocation service Losted info. Website that can help to find person even if you know only date and location of your meet.Losted info uses Facebook for sharing searching and grabbing information.Could be usefull for finding losted goods.Remember the movie Serendipity? So this service could help those guys)
Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Product manager
For decades businesses have planned, managed, and closely monitored all their activities using interconnected software suites. CRM for relationships, ERP for financial resources, HCM for human resources, etc. And business intelligence ties it all together to track KPIs, metrics, and progress towards goals. As people continue to aquire more data about their own lives and activities a platform for assembling, organizing,…