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The future of virtual gaming, lose the constraints of being connected to PC/limited to only 1 room in your house. A new platform that could rival all major market systems this may be "just an idea" but i truly believe that with the right people this could be the future of games with endless applications.
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer
Digitises the most critical aspect of the recruitment process. The software is unique, has no competition, and is incredibly scaleable. It will become an indispensable part of the recruitment industry. We have already invested USD$50,000 to complete the design documentation. We are looking for a person that can develop the software and scale it up with us.
Looking for: Developer
Unfortuanetely, i am unable to disclose this information until an NDA has been signed off.I can say it is a great idea which I know requires an on board developer. I already have the marketing team in place and funds to do so.You have to be able to build an uber style app.
Looking for: Developer
We are building the next must have app for every flexible & spontaneous travellers around the world. Travel digital revolution has opened a new niche for growth hacking. Mobile and very last minute are the new first mover advantages for air travel players. We are re-inventing the full airfare booking user experience to empower travellers on a budget and make it schlacky*. Our market study has been validated by…
Looking for: Developer
Imagine a world where good people are elevated in society, where being charitable was not only rewarding, but also fun. This is what my product would achieve.In a nutshell, we reward charitable people with things they can use in their daily lives. For instance, we would give them £1 off of a coffee at Starbucks for every £4 they donate.…