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Make bike accidents a thing of the past. We are developing a hardware and software platform for bikes and LEVs that will help cyclists and other users avoid collisions, road hazards and traffic jams. We are introducing features to bikes that will make the ride more safer and more enjoyable. From distraction-free warnings to improved situational awareness thanks to on-board…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
We are looking for a MEAN Stack Developer to architect and build a high performance, scalable web video platform that is focused on removing the barriers between people online using immersive content. There will be a lot of fun during some long days and nights, a great deal of hard work, and the fulfillment that comes with creating breakthrough technologies.…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Current social media platforms do not provide enough of a focus and purpose to their users. This has lead to a massive amount of boring, uninteresting, and purposeless content. One type of content there is a plethora of, however, are visions and predictions about our future made by pundits, politicians, journalists, scientists, celebrities, and others. Plenty of people are talking…
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer
I have developed a digital signage platform that has a cloud editor and uses Linux based hardware devices. This platform has a prototype running and is currently in closed beta. There are additional features that still need to be developed and tested, however largely the core product is working well. The product at the current time does not even have…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
If this rings a bell for you, JOIN ME changing the treatment of Addiction. The OurRecovery is a digitally connected health tool - App, Website, Wearable. The platform is designed to help Addicts and Alcoholics get sober and stay sober through their 1st year. Turning the current treatment approach on its head, we change the focus on "ME" [my Recovery…
Looking for: Biz developer, Developer
Tool to help staffing issues in dental industry. Web and mobile app will do much of the upfront work for the hiring manger while providing deep and easily accessible database. Integration with 3rd party tools will help the process and provide new and enhanced UX on both ends.
Looking for: Developer, Marketer, Sales person
(We are in stealth mode, so I will keep this high level. We are a SaaS for other SaaS companies.) Smart Tours, Guides and Onboarding to actively improve customer experience, conversions and retention for SaaS. By increasing trial conversions and user retention, we provide measurable value/ revenue for customers. Customer Experience Management is growing to be a $13 Billion market.…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Tropical delivery service app, bringing all of your vacation wants and needs to you anywhere on the island. (Need full-stack developer.)?
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A private market & exchange for clients to bid on non-financial services. Services (liquidity) arrives via backend automation.
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World of Brews connects local Craft Beer drinkers with local Breweries, Brewpubs, Events, Tours and the their local beer enthusiast community. Our platform allows users to review their favorite locations and beers to save for later or share with friends; users can also quickly find local events and tours with the option to purchase tickets or find people to join.