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Looking for: Sales person
For the last 2000 years, what used to be meant for the royalty only, are available through this indiegogo special pre launch at just US$0.84 per day (MSRP at US$1.35 per day). Noticeable results and improvements in 2 weeks from just 0.75mL of daily usage! (No GMOs , no chemicals involved) After decades of observation, we notice that there is…
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer
It`s a great opportunity for small and big producers to sell their products around the U.S and why not the whole world. The idea is working like Alibaba`s model, B2B, B2C and C2C. From farmers and derivatives producers, from small to large scales, to wholesale and retail shoppers among our users.
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Redefining comfort and ease in F&B experience. Currently working on brand development and UI and UX research. I hope work with someone with tech "know-how" (programming, flow chart, development strategies) on this project soon as I really want to start developing the system for beta release somewhere end of year - early next year. If you're interested to know more,…