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Looking for: Advisor, Developer
Idea: a fashion social marketplace platform enabling renting, buying & selling. Merits & Vision: Salable and futuristic business model. First mover advantage.Current Status: have streamlined Blogging, Social Media Posting, Operations & Marketing. The web platform is near ready.Looking out for: 1. Technical Developer/s - Web (Php, Mysql, Opensource), Mobile App (Android). 2. Advisor/s & possible investor/s from Fashion E-Commerce Industry.Offering:…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Hello!I am looking for a web developer with experience in e-commerce and online marketing to join our startup! So far, our team includes two co-founders who specialize in branding, marketing and design, and an operations manager to handle all our day to day operations. All we need now is a talented tech person to join our team! We’re a lifestyle…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
The Lingerie Lab is an exclusive luxury online marketplace for lingerie, beachwear and body accessories. We invest in independent intimates designers and cater to a community of 'intimates' enthusiasts thirsty for new discoveries.I have been working full-time on this venture with the support of FashTech incubator and Virgin Startup over the past few months and I am in need of…
Looking for: Developer
Fashion ecommerce in France and the US
Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Engineer
Belle brings professional hair stylistsinto everyone’s home. We match the qualityof salons with the convenience of Uber.
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
How often are you shopping in a store or online and see a piece of clothing that you like, but don't know what you would wear it with? How often do you see someone that even in a business casual environment dresses like a slob or can't put an outfit together? How often have you thought that it would be…
Looking for: Designer
I'm looking for somebody with a background in fashion design and/or experience in the fashion industry. I'm currently looking into the option of developing a clothing brand aimed at business/professional women. The essence of the brand would be sustainable and fair production, working with innovative textiles and concepts such as C2C and circular economy, leasing etc. This idea is still…
Looking for: Developer, Marketer
ARTWEEK.com looking for cofounder(tech/market) in London
Looking for: Developer
You just type your slogan and pick nice icon for T-shirt. That's all. It takes only 30 seconds. Our machine algorithm will suggest you great design based on data. You can just finalize your own T-shirt by swiping yes or no. Many non-creative people have difficulty in creating own T-shirts. We will solve that pain by artificial intelligence.We are accepted…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Product manager, Sales person
The idea is a fast and efficient way for shoppers looking for fashion ideas that shortens the funnel and increases conversions. I am looking for an executive or biz developer with experience in teh fashion industry. I have a developed a prototype that can be domenstrated. I am an engineer and founded a previous venture funded company.