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Looking for: Developer
I have an idea for a b2b fashion e-commerce startup that I have turned into a series of wireframes and am currently seeking a lead developer to help me get it off the ground.
Looking for: Advisor, Other
Es handelt sich um ein handwerklich hergestelltes, äusserst variantenreiches Produkt mit besten Aussichten in den Wachstumsbranchen Mode-Schmuck und Befestigungstechnik. Als Basis dient der altbekannte Druckknopf, der hier aber nicht mehr als Verschluss von Kleidung dient, sondern neue Aufgaben als Deko-Element oder zur temporären Befestigung bekommt.Es gibt damit nicht nur die einzigartige Möglichkeit, seinen Look sprichwörtlich mit wenigen Klicks zu verändern,…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
An assistant that will consult you during your shopping.
Looking for: Designer, Developer
wearhou.se translates the personal shopper and stylist experience onto mobile, providing outfit inspiration tailored to the user's gender, budget, occasion, and body shape by recognizing and responding to each user's style preference.
Looking for: Designer, Developer
TOPIK is the next generation online apparel shopping platform by delivering an entirely custom-built shopping experience. Through personal profile construction, TOPIK recommends brand and apparel choices that match-up to consumers' specific style preferences. Comparative shopping (across brands, across trends, and across price-points) is simple an intuitive, eliminating the need to visit numerous separate webstores. For each item recommended to the consumer, other matching options are presented,…
Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person, Other
Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Engineer
Style Inspiration & Product Discovery TRVST is a web & mobile platform for fashion inspiration & product discovery, cutting through the white noise of the behemoth fashion industry. Combining the beauty of fashion photography found of sites like Pinterest and Tumblr, with those of music discovery platforms like Pandora, providing our members with a customized stream of fashion items relevant to their…
Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Marketer
A middleman platform for premium second-hand goods, where sellers get to put up their items on a personal homepage and buyers can easily browse through the respective homepages or categories to find what they want. The emphasis is on the guarantee of a certain level of quality for second-hand goods, on an easily accessible platform.Similar to www.threadflip.com, but in a local (Singaporean)…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
I am seeking a co-founder who is capable and interested in partnering with me in order to develop a platform that has grand potential to significantly shape the way consumers shop online and the options that are made available to them. What it is: An e-commerce platform/shopping cart that is designed specifically to encourage the sale of custom made and…
Looking for: Biz developer, Developer
FashionGun is a new fashion industry networking site which has been built to address the needs of the professionals within the industry. There is already one site out there which our basic skeleton is based off, they are called Model Mayhem.Model Mayhem is to Myspace as FashionGun is to Facebook.Our team is pushing to launch in March, we'd like to…