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Looking for: Designer, Marketer
I own and operate www.Rave-Nation.com and www.TrYptiXfashion.com. I do an excellent job at customer service, order fulfillment, product and ecommerce site management. I have always struggled with marketing, graphic design and photography. I would like to either bring someone on board with TrYptiX OR start a brand new site using a better name (I have a name in mind) and…
Looking for: Developer
The idea is a fashion application linked with marketing services. Our idea will be in collaboration with certain green organisations in benifit for sustainable production and consumption. The prototipes are allready established and for any more information please get in contact with us!
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Product manager, Sales person
The idea is a fast and efficient way for shoppers looking for fashion ideas that shortens the funnel and increases conversions. I am looking for an executive or biz developer with experience in teh fashion industry. I have a developed a prototype that can be domenstrated. I am an engineer and founded a previous venture funded company.
Looking for: Designer
As the national student loan debt surpasses 1.1 Trillion dollars, most young adults are struggling to create a future for themselves. Our brand, Learned Society, aims to disrupt this system by fighting student debt through fashion. For every item we sell, we’ll help a student to pay back their student loans, thus allowing them to get back on the road…
Looking for: Marketer
About the site   DressSpy is a social shopping platform. We are a working site with a UK user base, lean customer recruitment methods, vendor relationships, a tech road map and a design and development team. The site also has a number of content contributors, including fashion stylists and fashion bloggers. It’s been up and running full time since last…