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Looking for: Developer, Sales person
myfairtool offers a complete digital solution for businesses to prepare and budget their trade show, capture visitors information from their booth, enrich reports with photos and tags, send dynamic thank-you emails, follow-up quickly, convert prospects into customers, monitor team performance and review results to do better each time. Statistics show that 80% of the leads collected at a trade show…
Looking for: Biz developer
We have created the most advanced 3D virtual world technology for mobile devices. It is fully working and tested with 200.000 users.Using the Lean methodology we have been testing the online events sector and we have confirmed that there is a market for that. We have examples and some small revenue.As it is not our core business we are looking…
Looking for: Developer
Exhibii is an iPad app that currently lets exhibition professionals capture important details using photos, videos, and notes for the objects in their exhibitions. Looking to develop it further with social features such as sharing projects, exporting data & reports, and calendar/other app integration. App is currently free with subscription model likely to be added once new features are implemented.