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It is intended to provide safety and medical assistance to people in danger or an emergency using a simple but efficient algorithm to locate their position and connect them to officials and nearby people. It will also provide an online entry or an appointment to the hospital or a doctor if need be. Besides providing assistance it would also consist…
Looking for: Biz developer, Developer
"MonitoringEmergency" is a a startup in Emergency/disaster communication with a website and soon an app for all mobile devices. "MonitoringEmergency" will be a news aggregator, information (fundraising, humanitarian aid, etc.) and specific services such as georeferencing.
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The monthly Google search impression in South Africa for 4 of the service that can be rendered through the concept averages 130k a month. Users nowadays want the full experience of customer service. Most apps of websites fall short in providing a unique service. users want to save on cost and time. Take a directory service, what do you get…