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Looking for: Biz developer
My comany Emtech www.emtech.com.ar is already generatiing revenue (we are a team of 10 engineers now), but I am the technical type and not the business development type. This means I did not have a clear business plan, I have drifted off into technical developments without a clear goal, not developed potential spin offs from out designs, and have been…
Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer
Listen to home appliance sounds and notify user via light when a sound was recognized. Examples of appliances: kitchen timer, refrigerator sound warning, microwave, doorbell, landline phone, smoke alert. Target users: home owners, hearing impaired people.
Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person
Provide high quality and time delivery to fortune 500 customers. Develop software in Embedded, Cloud and Mobile Apps space.
Looking for: Marketer, Sales person
I designed LCD capes for the beaglebone development kit from TI ((http://beagleboard.org/bone). This is a LCD extensions with 24 bit color and capacitive multitouch screen. Software support: Linux and android. I have sales already and I want to increase them. I have bunch of other ideas in development. At this stage I am looking for Sales person or Distributor. I…
Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Marketer
AI and Big Data are the buzz words of the moment, lots of talk and grand ideas, yet seemingly very little with regard to useful and profitable systems both in commercial and consumer domains.We at Seezer hope to change that with our technologies that are quite simply, streets ahead of current state of the art.Our AI and big data analysis…