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The one-stop shop for the homeowners on the efficient home improvements with expert advise, review and comments fer the best energy saving tools available on the current market. A network for the contractors who specialize in energy saving and green energy technologies. Make your home SMART, EFFICIENT and BEAUTIFUL.
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer
Most of the platforms to learn typing are either boring or inefficient. Learning almost stops after reaching a level, they are not good enough to push you beyond your limits. Most of the platforms make you type meaningless phrases again and again which is kind of boring.I am developing a typing platform called Typingeek. Typingeek helps you learn new stuff…
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We want re-think the way to book and manage appointments, no loss of time, exchange of opinions and social. We have a demo that will be completed within a coupe of week on queuec.com. we have so many ideas that we will develop in some step but we need a capable person who is able to make know our product.
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EFIE is a web platform that will allow users to calculate, track, record, chart, see trends in their efficiency and staff around them. In addition, EFIE should attempt to become indispensable for corporates, eventually efficiency overviews of sectors will be possible such as North America and Europe. EFIE’s key selling point is her simplicity for a user to see their…