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The idea is to create a app for users who are the buyers and sellers. It can be done based on your location or area.
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The world of online freelancing is the ultimate resource for any business or startup (i.e. the clients). Hiring online is cheap and gives you access to a quantity and quality of talent that you couldn’t find anywhere else. However, making efficient of this resource is difficult. Many clients don’t know how to write a professional briefing, how to find the…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
FAST AND SEXY – Website to be built in one weekendNetflix is about to launch in Germany on the 16th of September. There are a few competitors like Maxdome, Watchever and Amazon Instant. Unfortunately you can not see what movies or series are available on the platforms if you do not register. Problem: I registered for Watchever and only saw B…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer
LunchBreak (name pending) is a web/mobile app that connects people with coworkers, friends, peers and neighbors over lunch. It's a streamlined way to openly invite your department out to eat, ask a coworker to pick you up a coffee, or meet a new friend in the cafeteria. The platform encourages and creates community by partnering with local eateries who offer deals…
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This is an idea for software that helps people to visualize music. People choose a song and use the software to create a music video. The software will be community-based. The best visuals for each song will be in the community visualization of that song. There will be a voting system to determine which visuals are the best.