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Looking for: Engineer
TradeRiser is an analysis assistant engine which makes financial market data easy to understand.Traders can simply query the financial markets with easy and TradeRiser gets to work and builds a detailed report as the answer to the query.This is beneficial to traders at all levels and helps to both educate the traders as well help them find active trading opportunities.
Looking for: Biz developer, Developer
Looking for a co-founder developer interested in developing a modern Digital Signage software and investors interested in funding. It is going to be a cloud managed system written in ASP.NET MVC/Web API (backend) + HTML5/AngularJS (SPA frontend) with WPF/WinRT/WP8 endpoints for content playback on clients.
Looking for: Biz developer
The majority of all developers use passive bug fixing. They do not correct errors until someone points out that there is an error (in production releases). If that person is an customer you got a problem. In fact, most developers are not even aware of logged errors until they get that feedback.OneTrueError changes that. The service automates the process of…