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Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Write Mynd is an app for honest recording, reflecting and sharing for a happier mind. It's the modern-day diary that lets you:1. Record:It's hard to be honest, even with yourself. If we don't acknowledge feelings they can escape from us in different ways: stress, anxiety, anger. Write Mynd let's you write, talk, draw, or swipe through phrases in response to…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
Memfy is an online micro-diary service that allows users to record short notes/memories or Memfies about anything they want remembered. From archiving important life milestones; recording moments that they want to relive in the future; or dates and notes that they need to be reminded of, Memfy will make sure they will be recorded privately and securely.
Looking for: Designer, Developer
Sync Social is an app with web application and future office software opportunities which allows groups of people to sync their work, personal and social networking calendars whilst maintaining privacy of their diaries. The overall achievement is to book meetings, friendly social gatherings, partys or other activities without endless back and forth messages and to confirm with everyone involved in…