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Looking for: Developer
Komix is a subscription service that aim to bring comics to everyone conveniently at an affordable price while supporting the publishers and its community..
Looking for: Developer
I'm looking for a technical co-founder with skills in Python. Since this is bootstrap, I cannot ensure giving a salary for now, but I'm seeing a huge opportunity for this startup. Actually, we have 3 co-founders, including one CTO. In the prototype stage, our CTO left us to be a co-founder at another startup. Interested? just PM
Looking for: Designer, Developer
We are looking for a amazing UI/UX front end developer to join our start up! You will be working closely with our CTO and making sure that our website puts AirBnB to shame! HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, MVC.js, Bootstrap, and Angular.js or similar frameworks highly preferred. RESTful or JSON experience needed.If you want to be part of a startup set…
Looking for: Developer
We are transforming the way individuals find legal assistance. The law is a complicated, scary, archaic system to navigate when you need an attorney, but it doesn't have to be. I am looking for a talented developer with a like-minded vision to help me take this product from idea to reality.
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
We are looking for a Engineering Expert who knows what hes doing to help us develop a innovative solution to the long lasting RFID market. If you have the necessary skill contact me now!ONLY INDIVIDUALS MAY CONTACT ME - NO BUSINESSES.
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Looking for someone who can come on board and help with a mobile network start upPreferably with experience in the industry or someone who atleast knows abit about it.London based, so the closer the better!Please em
Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Engineer
We are in the process of developing a cloud gaming platform that eliminates the need for full-blown game console hardware and utilizes indie game studios', as well as major AAA publishers', titles. Think of it as Steam in the cloud. The platform and designs have been made as part of a proposal for one of the major game publishers but …
Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer
Working on a new way to get rid of your old stuff. Classifieds in UAE are overrated. Not many shops buy used stuff except electronics. Not many people want to pay for used goods. Trying to solve all this with one simple app. Will need web as well as ios and android support.need a coding ninja in Dubai to help…