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Looking for: Developer, Engineer
IoT connected hardware device. Please message me if you are keen.
Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Engineer
Supercharging English and making it accessible to everyone.*LOOKING FOR AN INTERIM CTO*...to architect the initial MVP and then work on an advisory basis. Competitive salary and equity incentive offered. >900 English experts already registered and 1 million qualified provisional users ready for post-launch marketing. Currently in stealth-mode so pre-qualification and NDA required prior to disclosing our comprehensive business plan (video…
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer
The home renovation market in Canada is worth approx. $50 Billion / year which makes it very attractive. The platform I'm currently working on aims to solve one of the biggest problems most home owners face when renovating their homes, lack of transparency from shady contractors. The platform will host the entire process of a home renovation project from start…
Looking for: Marketer
Description of idea/ company? My idea is to assist buyers in choosing the lowest possible airfare price without sacrificing quality service. With real airline reviews that allow you to compare pricing before purchase. Description of investment needed and why someone would invest? Money, network, and resources are needed to form a team that will assist in developing my idea. Why?…
Looking for: Developer
An app that allows to receive discounts in different restaurants.I have developed the website, made the business plan and I'm currently in the phase of raising funds. I'm looking for someone who can develop the app and take care of the IT part of the business. It's a growing industry and similar companies have been sold for $100mio+.If you are…
Looking for: Biz developer
A market research aggregation site - coupled with a news app for everyday use. - This company is a relaunch of a formerly successful model.
Hi, I run a thriving digital marketing agency and I want to grow the business further so am looking for a co founder/partners to make this happen. Check the startup. www.koriefusion.com and if you are coming on board, please let me know so that we can grow KorieFusion. It has a lot of prospect already.
Looking for: Developer
One of the IT industries leading ITSM tools sets for businesses has over 20,000 users. The software is majorly lacking in analytics dashboard. I have made one which interfaces and gives great live stats, reports etc.(Can't say name of software or it will give too much away).Looking for PHP, MySQL developer to help turn what I have built into a…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
The idea is to bridge the gap between what the patient thinks about his or her health and what he or she should do. This is not just a reminder app or site but a fully service providing site which will revolutionize the Indian Health Sector.
Looking for: Developer
Recent changes to government funding sources in the Education industry will cause a major disruption in the CMS space. I am teaming up with another top EdTech producer in an effort to strike while the iron is hot. We both have extensive experience in the space, ranging from ground floor start-ups through global tech leaders. As the Vice President of…