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Looking for: Developer, Marketer
MAIN FEATURE: Connecting mobile device users to their most used apps/actions through custom set doodles on their lock screen – quickly, securely, and effortlessly.
Looking for: Biz developer
Running software consulting and outsourcing for startups and small to medium size businesses. Helping companies with software development process, clean code and products optimizations and improvements
Looking for: Biz developer
IXIT is a file sharing platform for any format i.e music, photos, video. It is easy to use, requires no login in, and creates a short URL that enables you to share any file. Check out www.i-x.it and start sharing files.
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Mobile devises are one of the fastest growing markets in South Africa. By leveraging this power B Smart ZA is unique from another system in that it is working with all stakeholders in the education environment. These include the parent, teacher, student and content. Each stakeholder is provided with a user interface and content that is highly relevant. Key fields…
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1. Idea - Everybody has a special skill but where to place or to advertise? - respectively is there a place where to look for all kinds of services near you, citywide, countrywide, worldwide?For everybody able to register who is looking for the missing puzzle piece for his own project, other private purposes or either who wants to offer a…
Looking for: Developer
I would like to find a co-developer for RPS-Obix, a new object-oriented programming language which I developed to write "more reliable code in less time".For more information please visit www.rps-obix.com
Looking for: Advisor, Marketer
I would like to find a co-founder for RPS-Obix, a new programming language which I developed to help writing more reliable software and to increase the developer productivity. For more information: www.rps-obix.com