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Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Sales person, Other
No more replicating prototypes into production code! I am working on a prototyping tool that creates your design system and system architecture while you're designing the user interface. Work smarter and go from prototype to production at lightning speed. While the designer works in the code free design environment, the tool automatically creates a design system that can later be…
Looking for: Designer, Product manager
Riddlebook is a marketplace for online treasure hunt games with real prize money. There are free games, sponsored games, and paid games. Paid games are the main source of income. If there is a game played by 1000 players around the world, the income will be 10000$. We will give around 5000$ - 7000$ to players and we will get…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
My idea is about creating a brand focusing on fashion, health and beauty industries. There are already many high end brands which launch both clothing lines and beauty lines, however I would like to make a more affordable but trendy brand that also has health component to it. My idea is basically first creating a trendy but basic daily clothing…
Looking for: Biz developer
The idea is to help other developers and teams find projects that they find interesting. I see app used by individuals and teams, idea owners, developers, designers, marketers and other people who would like to work on solving real-world problems. This way, everyone could find someone who would like to discuss, improve or work with them on their project.If somebody…
Looking for: Developer
The idea is to make Web Task Manager for Designers and Developers for their UI/UX work. Closest competitors: Asana, Jira, OmniFocus, Trello, Todoist.
Looking for: Sales person
Digital Agency with ambition to conquer the whole market in the world
Looking for: Developer
I am interested to build a Building Information Model (BIM) database. Furniture models organized by style. Anyone?
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
I am looking for software developers for this project, which entails creating an algorithm that crawls the web for the best possible matches for the cheapest flights.For example:A flight from Orlando to Dublin is around $800 for a round trip ticket based off of google flights.But it's only $530 with WOW airlines from boston to dublin and back.So of course…
Looking for: Developer
Divvyy helps friends share ownership of things they love, starting with subscription services like Netflix, Dropbox, Amazon Prime and any other type of website that has a subscription service or payment system. Through this sharing platform, friends reduce costs on services. For example, four friends can use Divvyy to easily share a $12 monthly Netflix account, so each only pays…
Looking for: Other
I want to build a brand identity studio that is well crafted high quality but still in an affordable fees. I want to provide solutions for start up who need brand identity with limited budget