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The key idea is to create anti-drones defence system using stationary camera-based recognition units and automatic anti-aircraft warfares.
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I am building a defense mechanism for public protection. Cheap, easy to install and hidden so that it isn't a distraction and it acts as a deterrent for would be mass attackers. The user targets are mainly office workplace and classroom environments; especially internationally in countries where education is culturally under attack.  It is still in conceptual phase, so material…
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pitch.secureslice.comsecureslice.comWhat we need: http://www.startuply.com/Jobs/JAVA_Frontend_Security_Stand_alone_application_7348_2.aspxWe are two information security consultants working for a top consulting firm here in Chicago. My partner graduated from John Hopkins and penetrates (hacks) large corporate networks (Fortune 50/100) and I assist in integrating the remediation plan with the current organizational business practices. In essence - we are a team. While working on these engagements we identified…