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I am seeking partners to research feasibility of an open sourced platform for hedge funds and asset managers.  The platform would use open source technologies such as quickfix and opengamma to build custom solutions for these clients.  The firm would make money from consulting fees and from administration services that support all aspects of investments in alternative assets.
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Sales person
weALL connects talented people anywhere. weALL connects talented people, coaches and groups together.  Show off your own talent in sports, music, art and crafts. Connect to others based on their talents and location. Build a talented team, create events, donate awards and badges.We are now in beta testing and development stage and the beta release is currently located at weall.com
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Looking for a developer that would like to team up to bring a new, intuitive, and accessible way to showcase Ontario hunting information. There's no website currently like it on the market. 450,000 hunters are houses in Ontario which are using a very rudimentary and archaic way of finding information. This will change all of that. Lots of potential grant…
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Human rights defenders are increasingly targets of harrassment, arrest, torture and death. They lack the simple knowledge they need to help protect themselves. We will be creating a product which provides the information they need and eventually manages this risk so that we can protect these people. It is awesome responsibility, if we fail in our jobs, people may die…
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Now we are looking for business partner to do business together. If you have rich project resource but lack of technical support, you can regard us as your technical partner. We wish to earn money and do business together with you to reach a mutual development.  You need to have, 1) Project Resourse.     If you have rich project resource…
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Prompt Comp will aggregate commonly used financial data to quickly compare similar companies without spending hours digging through scattered data resources on the web. The website will utilize YQL from the start and pull publicly available data for the user to screen for their analysis. Eventually want help writing an algorithm to rate the relevance of the comp set.
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indiemusicmanager.comYour total music management connection**Touring**Recording**Marketing**CLICK and CONNECTINDIEMUSICMANAGER.COM will be an online subscription based website that will be a comprehensive database of music industry contacts across all areas of the music industry for young independent bands and musicians and for up and coming music managers, it will also be a valuable tool for professional music managers.Currently there are various music industry…
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Can you remember where you traveled on 2001? Or 2005? There is no service available where you could record / import your travel history or share your trips with your friends and family. We are creating a service which keeps track about your trips and journeys. You can get nice analytics about your traveling: countries visited, miles traveled, time spent on…
Total Enterprise-wide Content Management System, controlling everything from numbers, texts, dates and calendars to pictures, all fully integrated. Access content directly, no longer having content scattered across files and applications. For example, store and maintain all customer related data (structured and unstructured) together the way it makes most sense to the enterprise. Computers today are very limited. The Internet has…
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The first holographic 3D social network.