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Looking for: Developer, Marketer
Mydealiyo is a daily deal search engine and aggregator, allowing users to search across all the major UK daily deal and offers sites (Groupon, Living Social etc) in one place.Users can also receive fully tailored deal emails as often or as little as they want, based on their preferences.Revenue is currently all through affiliate marketing for these sites.
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Sales person
Hometown Bound is a website that covers every flaw that is left unresolved by group deals websites like Groupon and Living Social. Although the market is already dilluted with Group coupons, it sitll has room for coupons that have an everyday use. The coupons that are used by Group deal sites have no incentive or rewards. The coupons that are…
Looking for: Developer
Grubwithus meets daily deals to provide a prepaid social experience (eating, outdoor activities, nightlife) for friends to mingle with new social circles. Please contact me if you'd like to hear more.
Looking for: Developer
I am looking for a co founder for a New Daily Deal website.  It is unique and different than Groupon or Living Social.  I have the ideas, the marketing, sales experience and the drive.  I am looking for an amazing website builder/programmer/coder!