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Software providers are willing to invest significantly in 2 things:1. Growing revenue by signing bigger contracts (better adoption)2. Reduce Customer Churn
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Phone calls are expensive and time consuming. One phone call is 100% of one CSR's time, but one CSR can manage multiple chats at once. Why not add a live chat to an existing website to reduce this overhead instead of wasting time on phone calls?Many live chat plugins exist already, but they are either:- Too expensive- Try to do…
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For all Technology as a service (TaaS) companies across the globe, preservation of their revenue is as important as growth of their revenue. My idea will provide a solution for that. This idea is targeted at any company that is selling a subscription based TaaS where they need to maintain a relationship with their customers and take steps to reduce…
Looking for: Designer
in store app to help merchants with customer retention and customer aquisition via social media channels