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We're looking to hire a COO & CMO for our Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Project ICO/IEO.Our project almost is ready to launch ICO/IEO.Looking for very high experienced and skilled peoples.
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
We are a new age Fintech start-up aiming to disrupt the current remittance industry. We are seeking an interdisciplinary Blockchain developer with strong academic background and experience in Frontend / Backend Development. Knowledge of programming languages (e.g. C++, Python,….)Skill required:-Familiarity with experimental design, evaluation metrics, research methodologies, qualitative and quantitative analysis. -Strong time management skills, with ability to meet strict…
Looking for: Engineer
With Votebox we are building the future of Internet Voting. Votebox allows the deployment of secure online environments to run official elections and votes. We use state of the art cryptography to secure the process. We give access to a user-friendly environment to make the process as easy as possible.The goal of Votebox is to bring democracy online. To increase…