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Rents in the Silicon Valley (and other startup Mekkas like New York, London, Stockholm, etc.) are skyrocketing. Bootstrapping founders have better things to invest their money in than spending everything on tremendously high rents. Nevertheless, the vibrant startup ecosystem in the Bay Area pulls a great number of entrepreneurs and techies from the entire world into the area.Imagine if we…
Russian concept of Anti Cafe came to Finland not so long time ago. This is a special place developed for giving to people the environment to socialize with each other. Events go everytime there. THe most interesting place in the city.It's profitable. Opening in september, hurry up. Minimum input money to get a share is  2000 euro. To get the business plan…
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Coworking in Berlin mostly with closed rooms. Good experience with House of Clouds since 2,5 year on 1000m2, fully booked (www.houseofclouds.de) with 35 companies.. We need more space and a cofounder with some time to spend to expand. We have a site 600m2 near the rails (therefore the name).In the House of Clouds we are two partners with separat companies…
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let's find an apartment in Berlin (Germany) an build a coworking apartment :-)
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The idea is to offer Freelancer different workspace, both free and paid, where they can work from. You can choose between cafés, library, coworking spaces, business centers, and book when possible