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Looking for: Designer, Developer
www.pickthisup.nlWANTED: Ux / Ui productowner OR Javascipt frontend developer WHY?Because we believe that size nor location should hold you back on what to buy or not! PickThisUp offers a delivery solution on your phone within minutes. Just like ordering a cab with UBER, hotel room on booking.com or food by Thuisbezorgd. PickThisUp was founded 3 years ago and we have…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
Businesses in our big cities rely upon disjointed and disorganized courier services, FedEx, UPS, and the U.S. Postal Service that either are too costly or cannot provide timely service. Or, they rely upon taxi drivers who are not trained in providing courier services."Maven" harnesses an increasingly organized driver community to provide real-time and available couriers who can provide same-day deliveries…
Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Marketer, Other
Everybody loves shopping online but everyone has at some point experienced the frustration of missed deliveries. What if you can get your packages delivered at night when you are actually home and what if you can schedule it all from an app.LastMile is an on-demand mobile service that provides package delivery to your doorstep at your convenience.