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I am interested in finding a partner to start a Digital Marketing Consulting Agency. One that is passionate about work in digital / internet marketing. Preferably with knowledge in SEO, Adwords, Analitics, etc. But if you are good in any other branch of Digital Marketing and with high level of commitment and passion for everyday learning, I would like to…
Looking for: Developer
Content marketers currently have two options: rely on multiple disparate tools to plan, collaborate and analyze their content or spend a fortune on a a large complex solution designed for large corporations. I know how frustrating it can be, because I've struggled with this myself. I want to change that.This solution would provide an instant snapshot of both individual content…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Notedlinks is a startup incubated by Incubio.com, the big data incubator. We want to build a tool to help online marketers to create better content. Content is becoming the center of every online strategy, and we want to create THE TOOL to get the most out of it. Think of something like Google Analytics with a simpler interface and focused…
Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer
Informative, SEO'd blog posts on mind, body, and business tips & life hacks that drives traffic to digital download deals focused on creating a lifestyle business.Digital sales include ebooks, business templates, and discount subscriptions to other startups and services.
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Other
H_Daily is the Social Media Calendar of Occasions. I am Crystal, the Chief Ambassador of Occasions (ChAOs). As a Co-Founder, not only will you recieve a wacky acronym as your official title, but you will a part of something fun, a little peculiar, and really ambitous! A precaution, though: bah-humbugs get a lump of coal--meaning this is business made of…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
Stimp adds relevant information "inside" every picture. Using nothing but the image, we automatically identify products on publisher websites and enrich the image by unintrusively adding extra product infos and links to the best offers on the web.
Looking for: Biz developer
My vision is to light a fire underneath the world of content creation with content that burns hotter, functions better, and creates stronger results for our clients. At Entwine, we will create the new generation of engaging content that makes the old pale in comparison.