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Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Product manager
A revolutionary communication tool sold to provincial/state governments, for use by emergency service workers.
Looking for: Developer
This app gives a whole new meaning to social networking, and gives users a new way of communicating in a meaningful way with each other.
Looking for: Developer
I want to create an adult site with text, photos and video chat.My skills in site building is not enough to realize my idea of myself.I can make a good website design. And a little promotion this site among US citizens.I need a partner who is able to perform the technical part of the work to create a website. Integrate…
Looking for: Developer
Working on a platform to streamline college education. I have a background in political consulting and database management. I've always been interested in ways to cut cost and streamline hire education. As higher education has moved online the cost have continued to rise. Databases for research and collaboration exist for professors and staff, but those for students are somewhat limited…
Looking for: Biz developer, Developer
"MonitoringEmergency" is a a startup in Emergency/disaster communication with a website and soon an app for all mobile devices. "MonitoringEmergency" will be a news aggregator, information (fundraising, humanitarian aid, etc.) and specific services such as georeferencing.
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Engineer, Other
This website/app will allow people to write novel / story. And people can continue writing the others novel / story which their interested in but they are not the author.So everybody can write the the story , make the content more rich and more versions.I had know how to achieve by thinking , and have a simple php website demo.…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
I am looking for someone to help me develop my idea for a new video communications application for the Android SDK. My application will compete with other applications such as Skype, Facetime, And Snapchat while providing a completely new way of communicating one another. My application does not only provide a simple UI and Clean Design but an altogether new…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
Gomazu is an easy and fun way to use mobile application for managing events – no more email, phone calls or chat needed. You can quickly finds the best time to connect and share with contacts in real time.
Looking for: Developer
I know the title is vague, but for obvious reasons I cannot fully disclose what exactly the idea is on this site.  All I can say is that my two friends and I have an idea for a smartphone app that is communication based and (to my knowledge) is completely unique.  We are looking for someone to join our partnership…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person