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Through a software portal improve collaboration among doctors, patient & pharmaImprove doctor efficiencyDoctor educationPatient educationSave doctor & patient time money
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Now that I have your attention inQb - does not directly make babies. inQb is an app that matches intended parents (who are infertile and would like to start a family) with a female oocyte donor and/or carrier for IVF (in vitro fertilization) - a process which does result in babies. The app serves as a pre-screener for fertility clinics…
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A dentist's clinical notes is tooth-region specific. A 3D tooth model also doubles as a patient education tool. A practice managment system, driven 32 teeth models, is a natural fit for dentistry.  Please click www.TestDrive-DentiScape.appspot.com ( in Google Chrome ). You will see the fully functional 3D software for dentists. A dentist can mark a region in a tooth, write clinical…