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I want to build the next gen of smart electric and affordable electric scooters for indian market. The electric scooter will be build with all the latest necessary technology for the indian market conditions. Since i am an indian, i have researched and found that EV are the best segment and not so studied space in India. So my vision…
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Hi all,I am Pradeep the creator of Bamboo Power Box-A portable solar power generator fully designed from bamboo.Please check my product website http://www.bamboopowerbox.in for more details about the product.Currently I am located in India,and selling my product in local market only.But I have received a number of product inquiries from all over the world,especially from Europe,USA and Autsralia.And I believe…
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Apartment renters cannot go solar. That is because landlords do not allow panel installations due to the permanent nature. Over 50% of US population lives in rented apartments. Thus, over 50% of residential solar market is being neglected. Eva has found a way around it. It is time to build a product that allows apartment renters to go solar.