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Looking for: Developer, Engineer
I have an idea for a database/marketplace on consumer products, that would make both the production and consumption more sustainable. I have already 5 design brands signed-in for partnership and want to make this happen. I am looking for front and back-end developers to make turn this idea into a real thing. Your role could be to make the prototype/MVP…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person
There are millions of dollars of lost resources buried in the world's landfills - it's time to get them out. Terra Recovery is building the world's first prospecting service for the emerging field of landfill mining, combining big data and remote sensing to understand the locked-up value in our world's landfills.
Looking for: Designer
I'm looking for somebody with a background in fashion design and/or experience in the fashion industry. I'm currently looking into the option of developing a clothing brand aimed at business/professional women. The essence of the brand would be sustainable and fair production, working with innovative textiles and concepts such as C2C and circular economy, leasing etc. This idea is still…