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Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person, Other
I am rceruiting hedge fund talent and evaluating new strategies while taking advantage of cost savings from small-scale operations.I want to start A sort of hedge fund that returns capital while having minimal overhead.I expect astronomical returns from a variety of strategies after forward testing. Please provide me with your name and email contact. Thanks!
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
I don't want to go into too much detail, prior to legally protecting my idea as my intilectual property. The title (above) and tags (below) should give yous some idea of what I am looking to do. This product could be used globally. I am seeking individuals with experience in patent research, market research, writing business plans, securing startup capital,…
Looking for: Biz developer
I have launched a company in France, called Ludifit, to distribute innovative and entertaining fitness solutions, imported from all over the world. The exergaming concept (exercising + gaming) has been created in the US more than 10 years ago but the competition in Europe is scarced ... for the moment.It is important for the company to work european wide. That…