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My idea is to create an online social networking service that differs from other social networks. The main difference is that its purpose is not to let a person express him or herself. But to create a list of topics which are important to people in different locations in different moments of time. So this service becomes a real-time trends…
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Easy, standard access to all hyperlocal information by a branded, area based blognetwork.Assigned a blogger, as an editor and owner to each area of the World via our blog platform licenses.Provide a standard platform for the 3 main hyperlocal activities: 1. Information provider to outsiders 2. Contribution, discussion platform to insiders 3. News, media amplifier and aggregator for both parties.
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Bollts makes it easy to condense your message, without diluting its impact. We see thousands of messages every day, but restrictive character counts and click-bait articles limit the level of quality. You shouldn't have to sift through long-form articles to find meaningful content. Now, simple prompts help structure your thoughts, getting down to the nuts and bolts and maintaining your…