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Looking for: Developer
We are a team of two co-founders (Corinne & Lis) based in Berlin and we are developing a data quality tool. We are looking for a co-founder/data scientist/CTO with competencies in software development and data science. WHAT WE OFFER - An idea with proven demand (60+ interviews with potential customers) - A large network in the target group - Support…
Looking for: Developer
I have the idea of the outline of the prototype of a software that aims to solve technical problems widely encountered on a daily basis in healthcare research projects.Big data science plays an important role in the modern world as it allows us to gain insights from information that would not otherwise be possible using traditional approaches. Healthcare informatics is…
Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Engineer
This is the next step beyond wearables.  Wearables really only work for the healthy.  My idea targets the sick. The idea is to measure vital signs and other leading physical indicators via a single ceiling mounted monitoring device. It would combine many existing technologies plus a few that are clearly still in development.On the backend would be big data algorithms…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Im working in a solution that will help Companies find need technologies, insights or potencial prospects that can increase they change to innovate fast and easy,Decreasing the expenses they are paying to other companies to look for studies or data about a specific technology or trend.
Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person
I have my own small web and software development comany and I'm in friendship with ITMO University big data analysis laboratory. I'm looking for a person црщ can represent a company and sale our capacities and services on his/her own local and the global markets. I'm ready to talk over conditions.