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Looking for: Designer, Developer
I am currently working with a tech cofounder in developing a sports betting marketplace/social media platform (NOT fantasy sports). Users can become sports betting consultants sell picks or subscriptions to other users as well as conduct several tournaments similar to what daily fantasy sports do but with sports betting which will give our community value added services. The main concept…
Looking for: Marketer, Sales person, Other
Have you ever thought that usual fantasy games sometimes are bored and requare a lot of time? It requares to much time to analyze everythin, to pick the players and so on. Have you wanter to play something simplier?PredictScore introduce new wave in fantasy sports. 1. We created many predictions leagues and games. You can join English Premier League, MLS…
Looking for: Biz developer
A new and different kind of eSports organisation that both helps players getting started in their eSports career, but also collects odds from various eSports betting sites around the world, and shows them in an organised and simple matter, so it is easy to find the best odds on your favourite video game tournament.
Looking for: Advisor, Developer
Problem: People love friendly competitions and socializing through online gaming. People love achievements, bragging & creating a personal status among friends. However, people are really intimidated by complexity of sports betting games!!!  Solution: Create a simple sports betting game that gives the average Joe the enjoyment of playing and socializing with other players.
Looking for: Developer
BetPitch is a fantasy football (FF) betting platform on which football fans compete against each other for real money in short- and small competitions.
    A patentable auction drafting algorithm enables players to create a unique team in a simple yet skilful way based on crowdsourced data created by the players themselves.
    On BetPitch.com football fans can…
Looking for: Other
Betting on sports. It is probably the most profitable business nowadays, billions and billions of euros get gambled away every year. The only disappointing thing is, is that all the betting sites are the same. None of them have something 'special'. I have got a concept that will change the way of betting. It will be revolutionary in the betting…