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Make bike accidents a thing of the past. We are developing a hardware and software platform for bikes and LEVs that will help cyclists and other users avoid collisions, road hazards and traffic jams. We are introducing features to bikes that will make the ride more safer and more enjoyable. From distraction-free warnings to improved situational awareness thanks to on-board…
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NetNTT (net entity) is the first virtual mind. After 11 years of research and development in the field of Cognitive Psychology, Neurobiology and Artificial Intelligence, we built up a flexible and powerful virtual entity able to work in a plethora of applications: Advanced Natural Language Systems, Expert Systems, Data Mind, Emotive Analysis, Robot Mind, Video games, Assistance for people, Knowledge…
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A2B car rental. RedTopCars picks you up at A with a driver. You drive from A to B with the driver as your passenger. You leave the car to the driver at B. In the near future, with driverless cars, RedTopCars will pick you up without driver.