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In the event that you are similar to most utilized auto purchasers searching for a decent arrangement then you are hoping to spend as meager as would be prudent to make them roll. In the event that spending as meager as could be allowed is your principle center in purchasing an utilized auto then you ought to be shopping with…
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Automotive tech is the new boom. Connected cars are the future and this will be a game changer in the automotive industry. We have built a team of 3 founders (biz , dev, mkt) to develop a great product for the last mile navigation of connected cars. We are looking for a CFO who will help in doing the business…
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We create a web service dedicated to sport cars fan and owners all over the world. Owners of sport cars, supercars, luxury suv, off-roads and historic cars will put their vehicle at people disposal. Our users will ride thei dream cars, rent them and go through other kinds of service. You can find a lot of online services like smartbox…
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Concept: A Faraday cage for every household in the world with a cellphone. A consumer technology that will propel a socio-cultural counter-revolution. Tapping the zeitgeist of reaction to constant connectivity, inattentiveness to real relationships, and concern over hyper-surveillance to open a vein of ubiquitous, collectively actuated privacy. Untangling the mess of charging wires with efficient, artful power. Meet Serene Devices.…
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Hello,Idea is to monitor cars health in real time using ELM327 like OBDII adapter and drivers Android or IOS phone. Suggest nearest local garage/service depending on faults detected in car.more details by emailregards
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Sub-Sahara Africa´s internet growth is unparalleled while the internet scene is still at an infant stage. African Founders is determined to tap into that opportunity by delivering disruptive apps and internet services to the African markets. I am looking for a high-profile early-stage CTO or technical co-founder globally. There´s a number of ideas in the areas of e-commerce, marketplace and…
Looking for: Biz developer
The goal is to manufacture luxury electric cars made to order and custom, with a design inspired in the classic luxury of cars from the 1950's, powered by its own on the go rechargable solar module, and a highly user friendly software to manipulate the power train of the car. 
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An app that will diagnose problems for cars, like webmd but for cars. First you will select the make model and year of your vehicle. Next you select where you believe the noise/problem is coming from and after that a list will show up with all the potential problems. On that list there will be percentages of how likely it…
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Offering tools to automotive leasing companies to remarket faster, wider, better this to maximize returns at disposal of vehicles a core part of operational leasing of vehicles in a market where the main competitors are customers them selves and companies buying and taking margins on those vehicles.
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
 My future business endeavors will be in Dallas Ft Worth and looking for partners nearby. In short, Garage Guys will be a destination with a cause. Meaning it will be a place to create memories and its purpose is to develop employment opportunities for mentally and physically challenged individuals.