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In the event that you are similar to most utilized auto purchasers searching for a decent arrangement then you are hoping to spend as meager as would be prudent to make them roll. In the event that spending as meager as could be allowed is your principle center in purchasing an utilized auto then you ought to be shopping with…
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The goal is to manufacture luxury electric cars made to order and custom, with a design inspired in the classic luxury of cars from the 1950's, powered by its own on the go rechargable solar module, and a highly user friendly software to manipulate the power train of the car. 
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My idea is to create a classified website to buy and sell only used cars. As used car market in india is growing and people prefering to buy used cars than new cars. Revenue will generated through premium listing and adsense.
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The platform I envison disrupts the auto industry, particularly the dealership experience, while appealing to the millenial generation. I have a business plan outlined but work 60+ hours a week so its near impossible to make headway - need help - both a CMO and CTO.  I have extensive business knowledge (background in accounting & finance) and like taking a…
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WaveGo has a goal to design and build economical commuter vehicles for the general public. We feel that just because a car gets good mileage it doesn't have to be boring or so expensive that most people can't afford it. Sometimes wanting to save the environment may not be compelling enough to buy a vehicle; it also has to be…