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A Company that develops consumer electronic products of wide range from portable speakers,tablets,and tv's.the company develops products consistiong of good quality at affordable pricing.
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hya.io is a web-based, open digital audio workstation. No flash, only html5 and javascript. Open protocol to develop plugins. Save in the cloud, MIDI, one click share, works out of the box in the browser.
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Have you ever tried to learn a musical-instrument and found it incredibly hard? Or are you a musician and would you love to play your instrument much more immediate and intuitively? As intuitive as you can use your voice? The VC1 transforms your voice into any instrument you can imagine. You sing a melody and the VC1 gives it whatever…
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Morpheus Media Engine is a Voice/Video Over IP solution which will take Unified Communication to the next level.
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager
Bleue Wave Technology (BW) is a company that will design and manufacture high quality wireless Bluetooth audio and video products.  The product that BW is currently developing with be the first of its kind on the market that will make listening to, sharing music and staying socially connected completely hands free.  Patents are forthcoming which is why the technology can not be…