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Looking for: Marketer
We want re-think the way to book and manage appointments, no loss of time, exchange of opinions and social. We have a demo that will be completed within a coupe of week on queuec.com. we have so many ideas that we will develop in some step but we need a capable person who is able to make know our product.
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer, Sales person
Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Apple - all the software that this big companies provide are self-confident and they have quite big problems with integration among each other. I have found out a problem, that to make a meeting with friends or colleagues can be much more complicated as it seems in the beginning. It doesn't end only on deciding a date…
SalonBookr — Fancy iPhone app to have! Mobile Bookings, Coupons, Profiling, Ads & Promotions in a 22.5B US$ market. 4.3 M US$ revenue and 2.6 M US$ profit in 3rd year.