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Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer
Whalespeak provides an anonymous platform for your sound. Users can listen to a live feed of real voices and join the conversation by recording their own thoughts and experiences. Everything a user says is anonymous so he/she can speak their mind freely.Find your voice by losing your identity.
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
Travelling as a tourist enables seeing the surface of a culture, but doesn't open doors to homes of the locals and explain their living habits. I believe that there is a significant number of people that would like to experience foreign cultures more deeply than is currently easily possible.  I am therefore proposing a service that connects people based on their…
Looking for: Developer
Smart businesses wants to know what their customers/employees think but getting feedback can be challenging.  People want to offer feedback or suggestions for improvement but don't want to attach their social identity to these suggestions.  For fear of what colleagues think; employees don't speak up.  For fear of what friends and family think; customers may not speak to certain businesses.…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer, Engineer
NanoShip supplies a shipping system that matches the freedom and global nature of the Bitcoin economy.NanoShip would function similarly to a social network or shopping service, where people can join using anonymous email such as Bitmessage.ch or with Bitmessage itself. They could choose to be a courier, someone who will just use the service to send packages or both.Couriers would…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
A7ias allows you to discuss topics amongst only your friends anonymously. Everyone will be anonymous. Think of reddit with friends!