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Looking for: Developer, Other
A platforms which lists Fashion designers, review them and promote them on the basis of their ratings. Helping them to meet more customers. Local search engine dedicaded to promote fashion sense through the fine set of bloggers.
Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Engineer
The idea is to launch an aggregator service in the adventure sport area. Considering the growth in Indian economy, more and more people will have disposable income and look for various ways to entertain themselves. Adventure sports is one of them and it's and industry which is expected to grow. The resources are so scattered that it becomes very difficult…
Looking for: Developer
Broko is an insurance aggregator.We collect data from insurance companies and allow users through an easy, understandable and guiding interface to meet their insurance needs:Whether to buy?Which product/provider?At what price?Unlike typical aggregator model (leads generation):we keep the client by selling him directly;we stick him by allowing portfolio management \policy amendments,claims settlement,renewal notification\ and giving access to searchable database of workshops,…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Marketer
Looking to build a fashion discovery website for a specific segment which is not represented in other discovery sites. Website would have a social network element and e-commerce functionality. Monetisation through redirections and ads. Looking for a developer/developer lead with experience in fashion website building, crawling and aggregator engines.
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer
a platform for news consumers, news aggregators and news curators (citizen journalists) to come together in an eco-system that contributes to the effective dissemination of news in a way that supports communities and rewards the citizen journalists.