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Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer
I've been in the beauty industry for years and have found it tchallenging to build a book of business and actually get my portfolio out to a wider consumer base. I'm trying to connect  the dots. I have a really great idea but need help with the rest. 
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
I have been working on an interesting project which will help to solve the online clothes shopping problem. In UK online shopping has increased more than 152 percent in last six years leading more than £ 4.8 billion online clothes sales. But most retailers still face the problem of getting 15-20% of online sales returns due the problem such as…
SalonBookr — Fancy iPhone app to have! Mobile Bookings, Coupons, Profiling, Ads & Promotions in a 22.5B US$ market. 4.3 M US$ revenue and 2.6 M US$ profit in 3rd year.