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Digitises the most critical aspect of the recruitment process. The software is unique, has no competition, and is incredibly scaleable. It will become an indispensable part of the recruitment industry. We have already invested USD$50,000 to complete the design documentation. We are looking for a person that can develop the software and scale it up with us.
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
My Co-Founder and I believe that we have found a lucrative business opportunity to capitalize off of within the Sharing Economy. We are currently in search of a CTO/Co-Founder to join our team. Our idea seeks to gain market share through the growing sharing economy which is expected to become as large as the traditional rental sector by 2025. The…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Looking for someone who can come on board and help with a mobile network start upPreferably with experience in the industry or someone who atleast knows abit about it.London based, so the closer the better!Please em
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
I am looking for someone to be a co founder of a new Gaming platform/website that will allow players to bet and win money in Competition based team play environment. Highly preferable that you are familiar with the Video Game industry. This is a multi billion dollar industry and it's only getting bigger. If you are an expert in software…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
The name is self explanatory -I need someone who can come on board with wonderful ideas and the ability to move us to the right direction. I have been offered to purchase the site several times and it is time for development.Who my target is : Surveymonkey.comI want to give everyone the ability to administer their own surveys and "MEASURE…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Foreign job seekers including international students studying in US universities are required to gain an "H1B" visa to work in the US. Only the company, not the job seeker, is allowed to apply for the H1B visa. Because of the high cost of this visa (up to $9000), only certain companies offer jobs that sponsor H1B visas for foreign job…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Development of software in the security industry for dispatch, report writing and analytical reporting with data storage.
Looking for: Developer, Marketer
(And then, see what else I have to help you with!) En busca de co-founders: 1 Tecnólogo(a) y 1 Marketer(a) para formar startup con una propuesta escalable de valor múltiple, que involucra e-commerce y desarrollo de software e información, capaz de generar en 1a etapa ingresos anuales de 4'000,000 USD