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Looking for: Marketer, Sales person, Other
Hey,In 2016 we set up a small team of Mobile App Developers (5 DEV + 2 Artists), based in Europe, Warsaw capital of Poland.Thanks to about three permanent contracts we were able to work, expand on Europe/US market, hire more people and grow. We were focused on giving clients the best support in technologies as iOS Development, Node.JS, Ruby and…
Looking for: Developer
Do you want to be a co-founder of the new Microsoft Excel? We are building a software that helps students, managers, marketeers and a lot of others making better information and bringing tabels and models to the next level! Since i'm great in sales, marketing, business development but not in software development I'm looking for a CTO and Co-founder. Hit…
Looking for: Designer, Marketer
Many small business wish they had the resources to be more professional. My idea is to provide the average mom-and-pop business access to professional, and inexpensive cloud based solutions. Solutions that save time and generate income.
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Ekipa matches projects with the world's best software teams. The match is made on the teams' experience in the solution, industry and technology. Teams are collocated employees, working for a company. The collaboration with the team is supported by Ekipa services.
Looking for: Designer, Developer
This is a all one home monitoring system, It will be able to control, lights, house temp, T.V, fire place, etc. All by the push of a button on an app on the smart phone or a voice command. This is a revolutinary idea i just need help with the Tech side of it. I have checked my competitors and…
Looking for: Biz developer
Running software consulting and outsourcing for startups and small to medium size businesses. Helping companies with software development process, clean code and products optimizations and improvements
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Looking for multi-hat developer co-founder with previoius start-up business experience that is interested in the following concept. Companies spend well over 2 billion dollars a year on their loyalty and rewards programs. In a recent article it was noted that over $16 billion of customer's rewards go unspent. Companies spent time in development, customer service, and engagement of their customer…
Looking for: Developer, Marketer, Sales person
FingerDine International is a cross-border South Africa-India conglomerate that offers an Innovative Integrated Customer Engagement Platform for the Hospitality, Retail and Healthcare Industry. The company’s vision is to be a Leader in Customer Engagement Platform for Hospitality, Retail and Healthcare. FingerDine embraces latest and fastest growing Tablet and Mobile Marketing Technologies along with the Social Media Engagement and help the client in achieving its goals for improving productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing customer…