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The platform is near completion, and ready for deployment in the next few months. Can generate big money, will allow hosting companies to offer cloud servers without the expensive setups. Supports features such as H/A, Load Balancing, App Design etc..Contact me for demos, read the article under 'Video Pitch URL' which explains what we solve.
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Partake is an early-stage fast growing startup. We are looking to bring on smart, eager, hard working software engineers at various levels. Highly experienced individuals will be given the opportunity for CTO consideration. The right individuals will be offered a generous equity package after a 3 - 4 months fit (trial) period. No upfront compensation. Who are we? Partake is…
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Hello,I was thinking of making a risk-type game where you claim an already existing country, and role-play with others with that country. I have the idea all planned out already. The idea is based off of this subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/worldpowers/ but programmed into a standalone website with a more user-friendly screen. You would log on and come to your dashboard where…
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Let's face it, every photo we post is a brag. Braggie is a new social network, that embraces this desire to show off. Upload your best photos - brag about your #holiday, #car, #food, #sport #bod - or anything else. On 'braggie,' you get admired for your accomplishments, while checking out everyone else's. Do you have bragging rights? Simply tag…
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see yeswici.com
Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Engineer, Other